Welcome to the Hobart Zen Meditation Group Home Page

Mountains & Rivers Hobart Zen provides a structure and support for anyone interested in Zen-related meditation and mindfulness training.  (Copy of a printable flier here: MRHZ Handout.pdf)

Our meditation styles are mostly Japanese Zen or Zazen (lit. Sitting Meditation)  and what we call "Relaxed Vietnamese" with a strong emphasis on developing mindfulness in daily life (See Readings Page).  Different events are done in different styles.

We sit (meditate) on second and last Sunday of each month between 10 AM and 12 Noon at the Hobart Buddhist Meditation Centre, 71 Liverpool St. Hobart (See Venue).

The Sunday Schedule starts with a short period of Sutra chanting, followed by 3 periods of Zazen punctuated by 2 periods of kinhin (or walking meditation).

There are also workday lunch time meditation sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays between 12:30 and 1:00 PM at the same venue.

The group is currently planning longer meditation retreats, and there are community work opportunities undertaken by the group or individuals members in Hobart area.

All welcome! Orientation can be given to newcomers if they come 15-20 minute before the meditation. Please contact us beforehand to ensure someone will be there to meet you.

Further information about Zazen and Zen practice in general may be found in Readings page.

Email Lists

Mountains & Rivers Hobart Zen maintains a number of email groups.  Currently these include: 

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